Want a chiseled model’s face? Forget the pain and botox injections. Try the latest technology designed to firm and define your chubby cheeks. Try Radio Frequency.

Botox compared to Radio Frequency

 Disadvantages of BOTOX

Botox needs 3 – 6 painful injections on each cheeks to freeze ur muscles in order to tighten your features. Botox needs a painful reoccuring treatment in every 2 – 8 months. (For the rest of your life, if u want to maintain the same look).

Temporary results: One of the most prominent disadvantages of BOTOX is that the effects of the treatment are temporary in nature, lasting between two and eight months. As a result of this, patients will have to return to receive top-up injections and this leads to mounting costs.

Pain:Another disadvantage of BOTOX treatment is that it can be painful in nature. The injections are usually administered with fine needles which can be painful to some patients.

Bruising:With almost all BOTOX treatments, there will be bruising around the site of the injections. This may be unsightly but will last only a day or two.

Tolerance: As mentioned, BOTOX is not a permanent treatment, meaning that it will have to be administered time and time again as it begins to fade. As time goes by, a patient may develop a natural immunity to BOTOX and so may have to increase the dosage of the toxin.

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Advantages of Radio Frequency Facials/Treatments

Treat cellulite: Radio frequency can be used to treat cellulite, especially on thighs and buttocks. It can also be used to treat loose and sagging skin on any part of our body.

Non surgical: The thin and loose skin often found on the neck and upper arms are frequently treated with radio frequency. It is also excellent for firming skin on the abdomen, thighs, chest, and breasts. More and more people start to prefer radio frequency treatment for nonsurgical facelift. The procedure gives effective tightening of the facial skin, effectively removing the signs of ageing. A person undergoing radio frequency need not have frequent maintenance treatments-the effect of the radio frequency treatment lasts for two to three years.

Non invasive: Radio frequency in cellulite removal and body shaping. Although cellulite can occur in both men and women, it is rare in men. It is used to heat the skin in a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. In turn, the fat tissue underneath the skin is heated and the collagen in the area under treatment is regenerated. Eventually the skin looks younger and more vital. In body shaping, radio frequency reduces the fat and tightens the skin on the abdomen, thighs, and the hip.

Improve contous: To date, surgical procedures were thought to be the really effective procedures for body shaping. Surgery, though, is a highly invasive procedure. There are risks associated with surgery and recovery times are longer. Radio frequency has now emerged the really effective treatment for the stimulation of new collagen and to improve body contours.

Radio Frequency Treatment


1st TRIAL PRICE Radio Frequency Facial Treatment: $88

RadioFrequency Facial Treatment only(face only): $120 U.P $180

or Choose any 2 of the following treatments : $180 U.P $240

IPL Facial Treatment/RadioFrequency Facial Treatment/Omnilux Facial Treatment/RadioFrequency Treatment (on different body parts): $68-$100

Choice of body parts in which you can do your treatment on: Arms / Thighs / Tummy


***Special price & packages can be customized according to your needs & budget (different parts different price)