You Deserve Enchanting Eyes

Eyebrows: it seems like no two sets are the same. There are so many different shapes out there for so many different shaped faces. We, women, almost always tend to want a different shape for our eyebrows; a shape that isn’t our own. We go through life attempting to shape our brows a certain way, but it can often be a complicated process.

Eyebrows give balance to the face and frame the eyes. Constantly trying out new shapes to attain balance leaves many women with little eyebrow at all to work with. We try and try and try, and are ultimately left dissatisfied and feel as though there’s nothing left to do. Where do you turn when you’ve plucked or threaded or waxed your brows down to near nothing? With much of the hair gone, it’s natural for women to turn to drawing in her brows. What this leaves us with is unbalanced, inconsistent eyebrows.

Women need not fret about inconsistent brows any longer! Innovation in technology geared toward beauty and cosmetics affords women the opportunity to correct any beauty faux pas made in the past. Don’t let cosmetics mistakes follow you around. Take full advantage of modern techniques that can help you to achieve the look that you’ve always wanted!

Eyebrow embroidery is the technique that freshen up your eyebrows and bring new life to them. They utilize fine, natural-looking hairline strokes that can last up to two whole years. With these techniques, you never have to deal with the worry and hassle of drawing on brows every day. Coloured pigment both adds to the natural appeal as well as fills in any empty areas of the eyebrows. This makes the eyebrows look full, luscious, and flawless. This technique provides for a natural, balanced look. The coloured pigment matches your brows precisely, so you don’t have to worry about searching high and low for a pencil that’s just the right colour. Further, the brow is shaped to perfection so that you don’t have to worry about asymmetry.

Consultations beforehand ensure that the perfect shape and colour will be used for your brows. The area to be treated is first shaded so that the shape is precise. That area is then filled in with the pigments. This treatment is particularly great for breathing new life back into your existing eyebrows, adding volume, colour, and definition.

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