Taking Care of Eyebrow Embroidery

What to take note BEFORE Eyebrow Embroidery? 

  • Your eyebrows will look dark for about 5 days so try to make sure you have no major events or photo shoot for the 1 week after eyebrow embroidery.
  • For 1 week, you must not go swimming and be prepared to spend a little extra time washing your face as to try not to let your brows be in contact with water too much. Pat dry your brows immediately after washing your face.



What to take note AFTER Eyebrow Embroidery? 

  • Avoid brows from touching water or excessive sweating. Pat dry your brows if your brows are sweaty and after washing your face.
  • Semi- permanent makeup is a very minimal invasive cosmetics enhancement although there will be a recovery time period, usually 3-7 days the skin dries up and the scab will start to peel off. Do apply the antiseptic cream religiously to prevent the skin falling off too quickly. The slower the scab falls off the better.  As all these depends on indivisual skin, some people will peel more than others and scab more and thicker than others, some thinner.
  • After the scab falls off, the colour normally can fade 20 % – 50%. Sometimes more but this is very normal so not worry. That is why it comes with a free touch up because most people will need to have the touch up done. This fading happens because each person’s metabolism, different skin type, different ages, oily skin, skin healing rate…etc.
  • Colour absorption also varies on skin type. Some skin takes on the colour better than others or some skin tend to peel more than others. So do not worry if after the first treatment, your brows look a little patchy or have some empty/faded parts because that can be fixed easily during your touch up session.
  • You can only touch up after 28 days for the secondary color ( complementary colour ) because your skin regeneration renewal process takes 28 days. It is normal that the first colouring session  becomes lighten in colour. During touch up, post- secondary complementary colour adjustment will be done! The first session was always to test the degree of skin colour absorbtion and the shape. While the second time is for enhancing the colour and adjust the shape if needed.



How long do the peeling last? 

Usually 3-7 days the skin dries up and the scab will start to peel off.


How long do I have to apply the antiseptic cream for and how many times a day? 

At least 4 times a day for 1 week to 10 days until all the peeling has stopped.


How long would my eyebrows look dark? 

Your eyebrows will look darker for 3 -5 days normally and fade off 30 -50%. But generally no swelling or redness after the 1st day.


How long would my eyebrow embroidery last?

Eyebrow Embroidery is a type of Semi-permanent Makeup that lasts for 1 – 1.5 years depending on individual skin type.


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