How Do I Regrow Eyebrows Quickly?

One of the most common techniques to quickly regrow eyebrows is by follicle massage. This helps stimulate the hairs, significantly increasing the rate at which they grow. Eyebrow growth can also be hastened with the aid of nutritional supplements such as vitamins A and E. The supplements can be taken either orally or applied topically. If individuals need to have fuller eyebrows immediately, they can apply makeup to temporarily thicken the brows’ appearance while practicing techniques to regrow eyebrows at home.

It takes the average person roughly six to eight weeks to fully regrow eyebrows, based on the hairs’ growth cycle alone. Individuals can naturally speed up the process by regularly brushing the area with an eyebrow brush, following the direction in which the hair grows. This improves circulation to the hair follicles of thin eyebrows, invigorating them and stimulating growth. Aestheticians recommend performing this follicle massage for at least two minutes per session, twice per day until the brows reach the desired fullness.

This eyebrow regrowth technique can yield faster results with improved nutrition, particularly in the vitamins that promote protein synthesis. Protein supplements can boost the rate at which a person can regrow eyebrows, as can vitamins B3 and C. Olive oil is believed to encourage eyebrow growth when gently massaged into the brow. Some beauty experts report that petroleum jelly and castor oil have similar effects on hair growth and can be used as a substitute for olive oil. The oils should later be rinsed off with warm water to prevent the pores from clogging.

Although there are no eyebrow growth products in the market manufactured specifically to address eyebrow loss, weaker preparations of hair regrowth products such as minoxidil show promise in improving eyebrow growth. Most of these products work as vasodilators, increasing blood circulation to the follicles in order to stimulate growth. Doctors recommend that users get themselves tested for any allergies to the medication, however, before attempting to use it on their faces. Individuals with sensitive skin might also experience a measure of discomfort when using the products and should immediately abort treatment in order to prevent significant damage to the skin.

Individuals who need immediate results, or those who have suffered eyebrow loss as a result of an accident or medication, can opt to use makeup to create the illusion of fuller eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil can help thicken the appearance of any present hairs, as well as fill in areas devoid of hair. If an individual’s circumstances make it impossible to regrow eyebrows, she can choose to have false eyebrows permanently tattooed onto her skin.

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