Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency technology is used most commonly for face treatments. Other treatments involving radio frequency (RF)  technology are body contouring. Face treatments go the radio frequency treatment is known as the “RF face lift” or “Radio Frequency facial”, due to its procedure of wrinkle reduction and overall of skin rejuvenation capabilities.

How Radio Frequency Face Treatments Work
This treatment for facial skin works by administering low amplitude (low power) & high frequency (in the RF range) currents onto the area of skin treated via a probe like electrode. 2 types of probes may be used, Monopolar and Bipolar.


Monopolar Radio Frequency(RF) treatments, the RF energy is transmitted on the skin by using a single electrode, while the opposing electrode is placed some distance away.
Bipolar RF skin treatments are administered via an probe which contains 2 opposing electrodes.
The difference between the 2 treatments is the depth of skin tissue effected. Monopolar treatments delivers the RF currents through a deeper lying layers of skin (up to 20mm below the skin’s surface). The Bipolar treatments heat the skin tissue only 2-4mm deep.

The currents passed cause the heat to build up in the skin tissue. This heat works to contract the dermis (the upper skin layer) resulting in wrinkle reduction/elimination. Another beneficial effect of the radio frequency(RF) treatment is the stimulation of an increasing collagen and elastin production as well as an increased in blood circulation.

A Non-Invasive Alternative to Face Lifts


Introduction of medaesthetic radio frequency treatment is safer, easier to endure, less expensive, an alternative to a face lifts which is more affordable. RF face treatments is conducted in 30 to 60 minute sessions, usually in a series of some 4 to 8 treatments is recommended, 1 to 3 weeks apart. No recovery time is needed after the treatment! You can just resume your daily routines. Results become apparent immediately but their maximum effect is visible around 2 months after the treatment cycle is over. The results last for years and the treatments may be undergone again when necessary.

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