The Pros and Cons – Threading & Waxing

The Pros: Threading allows for a detailed definition of the brow shape. It creates a more natural finish because you’re working closely with individual hairs. It also allows technicians to move with more speed than with tweezing.

The Cons: While threading can offer an undone effect similar to tweezing, the super-speedy nature of the service is often cause for reckless hair removal. Using a thread-and-tweeze technique, threading the natural brow line and tweezing any stray hairs afterward. Be sure to call your threading salon ahead of time and inquire about their practice before making your appointment.

The Pros: Waxing tends to have the longest period in between regrowth, so if you have thicker, coarser hair that grows back quickly, waxing is the best option for shaping. It also encourages thinner, softer regrowth.

The Cons: The most common and obvious complaint about waxing is the temporary red halo it can create around the treated area after the service. Waxing tugs at the skin, so it’s not always recommended for sensitive types, apply oils a couple of hours before wax to reduce inflammation. Another potential downside of waxing is that it leaves sharp, clean lines which make brows look much defined.


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