Nano Lip Embroidery Enhancement- Why you should try it..


Pinkish Lip Enhancement

Here’s the 4 reasons WHY YOU SHOULD consider the lip Enhancement. Read on below!





Suitable for SMOKERS Black Lips

If you smoke over a period of time you will find yourself having that dark stain on your lips. You can fix that with our Pinkish Lip Enhancement and regain your healthy even lip colour!

Uneven shaped Lips

Nobody is born perfect! If you dislike your current lips, perhaps they’re asymmetrical or too thin, you can definitely try our Lip Enhancement. You will get your desired lip shape and look natural too!


We have various colours to help you get the healthy glow for your skin tone! Red, Orange or Pink! Always look healthy even without lipstick!

Do NOT need to use lipstick

Say good bye to your lipstick, you don’t need to depend on them any more! Step out of your house without lipstick and you’ll still look pleasant!

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Lips Enhancement will take 4-7 days to fade into a more natural color.
*pictures reflect day 1 effect

Pinkish Lip Enhancement                           SGD $1,888 SGD $888 / $1288

Full price list – httpa//
To get yours, call us at 6258 9418 to book your appointment today!


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