Marx Mae

Today i’m going to HAVE to share with all of you my experience with 3D KOREAN NANO COLOURING Eyebrow embroidery! And this is not just the work of a machine, this is required with REAL SKILLS, or i would say it, a SHIFU/MASTER!


If you search SINGAPORE NUMBER 1 EYEBROW EMBROIDERYYou’ll find them.

The one and only Bio Beauty! And the mast behind all the magic is “Shi Fu” Irene Teo!

She’s VERY well known for her techniques and skills.. Apparently ALOT of people fly over from all over the world to learn from her (She conducts lessons as well!) & also to get their eyebrows done by her..

And i experienced first hand how amazing she is.. Why? Because during my session with her, Not only did i get great results, I saw the amount of people walk in to her store & ALSO, conversations with people from overseas on direction to her shop! (That day an Indonesian lady flew all the way over to get her treatments done by Irene)


Because her works are SO natural, Many Lawyers, Doctors and Stewardess goes to her for their eyebrows! EVEN MALES OKAY!!!

Plus the best part is that she can do VERY VERY Thick eyebrows that looks completely natural!!




I was introduced by all her testimonials online when i searched for BIO BEAUTY! So i didn’t really worry much when i was over there.

Her works are fantastic! They are REALLY REALLY Natural, LIKE HAIRS.. It’s like she’s a 3D painter or something because she creates the strokes like hairs which make eyebrows thicker and fuller NATURALLY!



The first thing i did was to get my eyebrow makeup removed, and for them to draw on an “ideal” eyebrow for my face..

The great thing is that Irene actually learnt Feng Shui for the face so, if you’re looking at changing your luck she can help you just by changing the shapes of your eyebrow etc! (For those who believe)

She did mention that i should not draw the tail of my eyebrow TOO LOW! If not it’s not good for business (My mum always told me that too, That i always draw to low)!

So she gave me a slight lift and also fulfilled my request of getting fuller brows..

I believe you shouldn’t do SO thick on your first time because if it’s thinner, you can still draw it thicker.. But when it’s THICK, and you find it too thick, there’s nothing much you can do!

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