Lip Enhancement

How Lip Enhancement Can Help You ?

Permanent lip enhancement improves the appearance of the lips for women and men. It helps the lips to appear more defined without any surgery or fillers done, and it restores the color on the lips that are too pale. Permanent lip enhancement eliminates the daily usage of pencils to outline, fill-in and reshaping of lip borders. The permanent color decreases the need to reapply lipstick or lip gloss. Lip enhancement/tattoo helps to correct and balance the symmetry of the lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred badly. It also enhances the natural color and shape of the“perfect” lips.

The Techniques/Procedure 

Blended Lip Liner :

This method makes the lips appear soft. It creates a liner on the lip border and shades it inward slightly so it will appear as if the lipstick have been eaten-off. This technique/procedure is more attractive than a lip liner by itself (plain line) because it appear harsh and unnatural. Uneven lip borders can be balanced with this procedure.

Full Lip Color With Liner :

This method makes the appearance of the lips like it’s wearing lipstick with a defined lip line. First, it creates a liner on the lip border then implants the color inward throughout the lips. When it healed fully, lip gloss/lipstick can be applied alone or different colors can be applied on top. Uneven lip size can be readjusted by tattooing the outside or inside of the edges of the lips to balance out the thickness. Uneven lip borders can also be balanced with this procedure.


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