Eyelash Perm Vs Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Perm: 

An option for eyelash enhancement would be an eyelash perm. It is similar to a hair perm, and it’s specially designed to provide an appearance of fuller lash by giving a distinctive curl. The lashes are applied to a tiny rollers with water soluble glue. Once rolled, a chemical perming solution is applied onto lashes and left there for 15 minutes. After that, it’s rinsed away, and the lashes are released from the rollers.

Although lash perming can last for several months, there are many risks associated with this procedure. The eyelash curling solution is made from harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions for some people. Worse, if these chemicals touch the eye itself, it can result in permanent vision damage. The procedure can also make eyelashes very sensitive and brittle, and they may break or fall out as a result of the perm. Once this happens, it can take a long time for them to grow back.

Eyelash Perm:   Eyelash perm:

Eyelash Extensions: 

A safer alternative which require no dangerous chemicals and offer long-lasting results. Eyelash extensions are provided by a professional, who will glue small extensions to each individual lash. The result is a subtle but beautiful lengthening of the lashes. Each extension provides a slight natural curl, and the natural lashes are not harmed by the procedure. Once the eyelashes grow out on their own, the extension is shed and a new set can be applied.

How to Make Eyelash Extensions Last Longer:

Not only are eyelash extensions safe, they’re also very durable. They can be used with makeup and home eyelash curlers without any threat of damage. They can also be worn while swimming, sleeping, working out, and any other normal activity, so they don’t disrupt your daily routine. Eyelash extensions offer the safest, longest-lasting solution for beautiful eyes.

eyelash extensions before and after


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