Eyelash Perm Procedure

How long does an eyelash perm last?

Eyelash perms is not permanent. Eyelash perm typically last 4-6 weeks, or following the natural cycle growth of the eyelashes. When the permed eyelashes naturally fall out, the new eyelash hair will grow in straight.

What should I expect during my eyelash perm?

Before your procedure, you will be asked to remove your contact lenses and eye makeup.

One of specialist will discuss with you how intense or relaxed you want your eyelashes to be. Depending on your preference of choice, the specialist will then select a set of custom-made eyelash perm rollers and gently and temporarily affixed to your eyelids. The eyelashes will then be curled over the rollers using the eyelash perm solution.


During the procedure, which is approximately 1 hour, you will need to keep your eyes closed and relaxed for the duration of the treatment for the best eyelash perm results.

How should I care for my eyelashes after an eyelash perm?

Try to avoid wetting your eyelashes for 4 hours after your procedure. We recommend applying Eyelash Conditioner to the eyelashes daily. Using Eyelash Conditioner regularly will ensure that your lashes stay healthy.

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