Eyebrow Maintenance


Eyes are the windows of your soul, but imagine yourself without eyebrows. You’d look hilarious, besides the eyebrows are also one of our most expressive facial features. Not only that, our eyebrows have a very important role, which is to prevent perspiration or water from getting into our eyes. The arch shape diverts the rain or sweat around to the sides of our face, keeping our eyes relatively dry. Since they have the power to dramatically improve your look and enhance your natural beauty, here are some tips on eyebrows care.


Starting with a professional is always good, as they can provide advice based on your face shape and when you are in a relaxed position, a professional can shape your brows evenly. There are options like waxing, tweezing, and even threading.


Waxing is relatively quick and easy method, and the regrowth takes the most amount of time, which is great for thicker and coarser hair that grows back fast. However, sensitive skin is not recommended as waxing tugs at the skin. It also leaves a temporary red patch around the area waxed afterwards.


Tweezing can be cost effective when you do it yourself. A major mistake that can occur when you do-it-yourself is over plucking (especially above the nose), which causes your nose to look bigger, eyes smaller, and having no arch. Usually tweezing can be done for maintenance every few days after waxing or threading. It should also be done in a way which is to pluck in the direction of your hair growth, which allows the entire strand to come out cleanly. A good pair of tweezer is important, as a cheap pair might break the hair rather than pull it out.


Threading allows for a detailed definition of your brow shape, which is more natural since you work with individual hairs. Threading is also faster than tweezing itself, and leaves lesser redness than waxing, which should fade after a few minutes if done correctly. Eyebrow threading also will not harm the skin like wax, and is relatively fast as well. However, since it is done quick, reckless hair removal could be possible.


Every morning, you can use a brow brush to comb your brows into place, which leaves them perfectly placed. It takes less than 5 seconds and a little hairspray or clear mascara can help keep it in place for the entire day.


If you have sparse brows, you can use a brow palette or eyeshadow to just fill them in rather than a pencil. Using a pencil can cause obvious darkening or pencil lines. Applying highlighter right under the arch of your eyebrows will also help accentuate the brow bone, which gives you the effect of bigger eyes and makes you look younger.
Eyebrows are relatively easy to maintain, and will frame your face very well when done right.

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