Is eyebrow embroidery safe?

Eyebrow embroidery is only as safe as the place where it is done. It is always best to go to a reputable beauty center with qualified technicians. It is also important to double check if equipment are sterilized and if new blades are used for each customer.

Does it hurt?
Because the numbing cream is used and only the epidermis is penetrated, the pain will be nothing worse than tweezing or threading. There should not be any bleeding or swelling during the process.

What’s the aftercare like?
After the procedure is done, you should not let your eyebrows come into contact with water for about a week as water usually causes the colour to fade. You can use a towel to wash your face, avoiding the eyebrow area. Some salons will provide an aftercare cooling cream to be applied. After a week or so, small scabs will form where the skin was cut. Picking at or scratching these scabs off may cause an infection so you will be warned against doing it.

Why do most packages come with touch ups?
It is normal for the colour to fade after the first application because the ink has penetrated only the epidermis. So, the technician will ask you to return for an initial touch up after two weeks. After the first touch up, the eyebrow embroidery should last for one to two years.


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