Do’s and Don’ts of Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows make up a very important part of your face, despite seeming small and insignificant. Your eyebrows frames your face, it accentuate your eyes and bring out your natural beauty. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to prevent your eyebrows from looking disastrous.




  • Give your brows a break

You should give yourself some time, preferably around 3 weeks before tweezing again. This helps to prevent several growth cycles, as the hairs will grow out together all at once. It reduces time spent on tweezing


  • Let there be light

To ensure your tweezing goes smoothly, you need to make sure you are able to view both brows, and have enough lighting. This ensures you to see all the fine hairs that might be missed. Tweezing the fine hairs will also emphasize your brow shape and leave it more defined.


  • Use good tweezers

A pair of good tweezers is important, a cheap pair might break the hair rather than pull it out. You will be able to better target those individual hairs and select the exact ones you want to pull. A good pair of tweezers will ensure a cleaner pull and reduce the chance of injuring the follicle or inflammation.


  • Go with the flow

You should pull in the direction of your growth, which will prevent injury to the hair follicle. Tweezing against can cause damage, which you may get swelling, discomfort or infection.


  • Ease the pain

Using children’s teething gel can numb the area slightly. Also, tweezing after taking a warm shower will open up the pores and soften your skin, which releases the hair easier and less painful.



  • Go tweezer crazy

Over-tweezing can cause your eyebrow to look more unnatural and even make you look older. If you make a mistake, you have to put up with it for at least several weeks for the hair to grow back.


  • Follow trends

Not all eyebrows shapes are made for everyone. It should follow your face shape, otherwise your face might like bigger, or smaller etc. You should always choose a shape that complements your face. Your brow shape should enhance your face.


  • Thin out the ends

Our brows will tend to get thinner as we age, so over-tweezing the ends will make you look older. Instead, you can brush them out or extend them, which will give an illusion of a younger face.


  • Tweeze in a small mirror or dark space

You won’t be able to see both brows, which might cause it to be unsymmetrical. You need to make sure that both brows match, and that they balance with your face. It should complement not just your face, but also your bone structure as well.


  • Magnify

You won’t be able to see the entire face, which can cause you to over-tweeze and make errors. If you can’t even see those fine hairs in a mirror, mostly likely others won’t be able to as well. You need to look at the brows from a distance occasionally, to ensure that you don’t lose perspective on shape.

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