4 ways to fill in your eyebrows

Most of us may not have a perfect eyebrow. So we try to “fake” them by filling them in.

There are many different ways to fill in your brows and you can try some of these methods to find the best one for your unique set.

Here are some of the popular methods:


1.) Brow pencil: This is one of the most basic ways to fill in your brows. Brow pencils come in varying shades of light brown to black and have a waxier formula than eyeliner pencils. This allows them to go on naturally and smoothly, without the risk of harsh lines. You can use short, light strokes to fill out your brows and soften it all out with a stiff brow brush or spooly.

2.) Brow powder (or matte eye shadow): For a softer look, go for a brow powder or matte eye shadow that’s lighter than your natural eyebrow colour.  Tap an angled brow brush into the powder and trace the outline of your brows, using light strokes.  To prevent the colour from running or fading, use a layer of clear brow gel or mascara on afterwards to seal in the look.

3.) Brow gel: Brow gels help keep unruly brows in place.  Clear brow gel is great for those of you who already have thick brows, but need extra taming.  Tinted brow gel adds a hint of color to your brows while shaping them.  Anastasia has great brow gels that tint your brow hairs without tainting the skin.

4.) Brow pens/markers: This is probably the least-used brow method, but it can do wonders if you use it correctly. Brow pens usually have a felt tip that distributes pigmented color on your brows.  Some people are afraid to use them since it may look like you are drawing your brows with a marker. However, the tint isn’t as opaque as a marker.  The best part about brow pens is their staying power which will only wash off with a makeup remover or oil. It is important to use feathery strokes with a brow pencil for a naturally filled-in look.

And finally, to clean up any mistakes, you can opt for a small flat brush to apply creamy concealer under the brows to tidy up the edges.  You probably don’t need this step for every day, but for those wants a more defined brow, this step helps to sharpen them a bit.

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