4 Best Lipstick Shades for Fair Skin

There are just too many colors to choose for your lips, but which color would be complement your fair skin best? Here are some tips on how to pick out the perfect color for fair skin.
Rich Red

Rich Red colors can give be a fun way to play up your makeup and look fantastic. It gives a bold, dashing look to fair skin women.

However, remember not to match it with any red clothings. You want the emphasis on your lips!


Red with a Purple Undertone

This shade is a more pinkish shade and is perfect for any night out. This color gives you a lesser ‘oooh’ as compared to Rich Red, but still gets the job done. This color shows your flirty and feminine side, and doesn’t require any embellishments.


Coral Pink

Coral Pink is suitable for an everyday look. It makes you look natural, and makes the rest of your features stand out. Moderate on makeup and your outfit color.



Orange is in style this year, plus it gives you a more playful look and is suitable for younger girls. Pair it up with nude eyes, which gives you the emphasis on your lips. Just a little note though, wearing it with the wrong outfit may turn out to be a disaster. Less is definitely more for this lipstick shade.


Have fun experimenting with colors and of course, pick something that you will like.

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